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Adult Sailing Course April 2017 Galway

Galway City Sailing Club is pleased to announce an ISA Certified Adult Sailing Course in Galway City in conjunction with Galway Technical Institute (GTI).

The course will commence Wednesday April 5th in Galway Technical Institute, Father Griffin Road.

Designed For Adult Learners
This course is especially designed to suit the needs of the Adult Learner. It is an ISA certified course and will be delivered in partnership with Galway Technical Institute. The course will follow the outlined syllabus for ISA Start Sailing, Small Boat Sailing Scheme.

The course contains two parts (theory and practical):

  • One weekday evening per week for five consecutive weeks (10 hours in total).
  • The practical part will be delivered in two half-day sessions, on a weekend mornings (Saturday), totalling 6 – 7 hours*.

*We have scheduled these days but changes may apply depending on weather conditions. The exact days for the weekend practical sessions will be arranged by your Senior Sailing Instructor in consultation with class participants during class time. We believe this flexibility will contribute to the learner satisfaction so that we can choose the best sailing weather for you.

Join The Action & Get Involved In Sailing in Galway City
On-line Enrolment / Payment will be through Galway Technical Institute Part-Time Education Scheme.

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