Galway City Sailing Club held an ILCA Dinghy Coaching Course on June 5 & 6, 2023. The two day course was run by Aisling Keller, Tokyo Radial Olympic Campaigner.

Feedback on the course was “Just letting you know the ILCA course finished today and it was a great success. We had 6 Laser sailors in total and Aishling was really impressed with the club and its sailors. Our sailors said it was a good course and they learned from it.”

ILCA dinghy – The world’s most popular adult and youth racing class

Originally known as the Laser, the ILCA dinghy is a single-handed racing dinghy. The biggest attraction of the ILCA dinghy is that it is protected by strict one-design class rules, which means that no changes are allowed to the boat unless they are specifically permitted in the rules. The result is that all ILCA boats are virtually identical, whether they are brand-new or 10 years old, making it the sailor that wins the race – not the boat. The ILCA dinghy is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering, and trimming techniques, as well as tactical excellence. It is a single-handed Olympic-class boat for both men and women and is sailed at club, national, and international levels. With over 225,000 boats in 140 countries, it is the world’s most popular adult and youth racing sailboat.