Commodore Martin Roe and Volunteer of the Year 2023 Keith O'Hara at Galway City Sailing Club Christmas social in Harbour Hotel, Galway.

Commodore Martin Roe congratulates Keith O’Hara, Club Volunteer of the Year 2023

Galway City Sailing Club’s Christmas Social at Harbour Hotel: A Recap of the Fun Event

The spirit of camaraderie and the thrill of the sea came together as Galway City Sailing Club hosted its annual Christmas Social at the Harbour Hotel on December 9. The event not only marked the close of the 2023 sailing season but also provided an opportunity for members to reconnect, share stories of their sailing adventures, and pay tribute to the memories of departed friends.

Club Volunteer Of The Year

Commodore Martin Roe took the floor to acknowledge and celebrate the dedication of the club’s outstanding Volunteer of the Year, Keith O’Hara. With heartfelt words, Martin congratulated Keith for his exemplary contributions throughout the year, emphasising that the members had unanimously chosen him for this annual award. The nomination process had brought forth a cascade of positive comments, underscoring Keith’s invaluable impact on Galway City Sailing Club. A resounding “well done” and heartfelt gratitude was extended to Keith from all Galway City Sailing Club members present.

Race Series’ Winners

The festive atmosphere reached its peak as prizes were bestowed upon the sailors who emerged victorious in the season’s 3 race series. The results were as follows:

Spring Race Series:
1st Place – Phil Parkes
2nd Place – Cathal McGrath

Summer Race Series:
1st Place – Keith O’Hara
2nd Place – Kevin Finn

Autumn Race Series:
1st Place – John Hendley
2nd Place – Thomas McInerney

These talented sailors demonstrated skill, strategy, and passion throughout the series, adding to the rich tapestry of achievements woven by Galway City Sailing Club in 2023.

As we bid adieu to another year, the Galway City Sailing Club extends its gratitude to all members for their enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and the shared love of dinghy sailing. Here’s to more adventures, camaraderie, and success in the upcoming sailing seasons. Fair winds and a joyful Christmas to all!