Galway City Team Racing League

Excitement on the Horizon: Galway City Team Racing League Autumn 2023

Are you ready to hoist your sails and embark on a thrilling adventure this autumn? Look no further than the Galway City Team Racing League, where the winds of competition will sweep you off your feet. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or new to team racing, this event promises to be a lot of fun. So, mark your calendars for the Galway City Team Racing League!

Dates to Remember

The Galway City Team Racing League for Autumn 2023 is set to take place on three Sundays: October 22nd, October 29th, and November 5th. But here’s the kicker: just in case Mother Nature decides to play games, there’s a fallback date on Sunday, November 26th. So, rain or shine, we’ve got you covered! Racing starts at 11am.

Hosts & Participants

The event is a joint venture hosted by Galway City Sailing Club (Official Irish Sailing Team Racing Centre for the West Of Ireland) and the University of Galway Sailing Club. With their combined expertise, you can be assured of a well-organised and safe racing league. Moreover, this event is not an exclusive club; it’s open to teams from Sailing Clubs, Secondary Schools, Colleges & Universities in the West Of Ireland. This is the perfect opportunity for seasoned sailors to compete at a high level or newcomers to give sailing a whirl!

The Team Dynamic

The heart of team racing is, well, the teams! Each team should consist of six members, creating a dynamic and challenging atmosphere where cooperation and strategy are key. It’s the perfect platform to foster camaraderie and competition.

Fees and Deadlines

Participation comes at a cost of €240 per team. This fee must be paid by Monday, October 16th, so make sure to secure your spot before the deadline. There is, however, an exception for the host teams, who pay a reduced fee of €120. This lower cost for host teams is to acknowledge the significant expenses incurred by the host clubs in providing the boats and facilities.

Don’t Forget to Read the Notice of Race!

Before you get too excited, there’s an essential document to review: the Notice Of Race. This contains all the crucial information and guidelines you need to know to ensure fair play and safety during the event. It’s imperative that all participants take the time to go through it carefully.

Get Ready to Set Sail

The Galway City Team Racing League Autumn 2023 promises to be an event filled with excitement, competition, and the picturesque beauty of the Galway City coast. As the event draws near, get your team in order, brush up on your sailing skills, and prepare to navigate the challenging waters of team racing. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or someone looking to test the waters of competitive sailing, this event is not to be missed.

So, set your course for an unforgettable autumn adventure on the Galway City shores, and we’ll see you on October 22nd as the Galway City Team Racing League takes to the waters for its inaugural season!

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Galway City Sailing Club is the Official Irish Sailing Team Racing Centre for the West Of Ireland