Jes School Visit - Galway City Sailing Club

Galway City Sailing Club Welcomes Scoil Iognaid for End-of-Year Excursion

At Galway City Sailing Club, community engagement is at the heart of what we do. Recently, we had the pleasure of inviting Scoil Iognaid (The Jes) to our club for a day filled with nautical fun as part of their end-of-year excursions. The students from 5th and 6th classes were greeted by our enthusiastic sailing instructors, who introduced them to the exciting world of dinghy sailing.

The day was a perfect blend of education and entertainment. Our instructors showcased the basics of dinghy sailing and organised a variety of nautical-themed activities that kept the kids engaged and excited. It was a joy to see the young students’ faces light up as they learned about the boats and participated in the hands-on experiences.

Galway City Sailing Club prides itself on making sailing accessible to everyone. Our fleet of club boats and our dynamic youth programme are testaments to our commitment to inclusivity. Over the years, we have successfully nurtured both recreational and competitive sailors and many of our young members have even progressed to become skilled sailing instructors.

Sailing is a fantastic sport that promotes inclusivity and teamwork. It was wonderful to introduce the co-ed students of Scoil Iognaid to an activity that brings students together on equal footing. We hope this experience has sparked an interest in sailing among the students, and we look forward to welcoming many of them back for our summer courses and regular club sailing sessions.

The future of sailing looks bright and we are excited to be a part of these young sailors’ journeys. Here’s to many more days of wind, water and fun at Galway City Sailing Club!