Newsletter June 17th

Hello Everybody,

To keep you up to date with our progress:

We had a dinghy sub-committee meeting on Tuesday 7th. At this we decided to ask the Harbour Board if we could rent a part of the steel-yard as a dinghy park near the beach. I am glad to say that they have agreed (verbally) and we are now working on the insurance implications and also on a tenancy agreement.

The boats on loan from NUIG are arriving and Alan Healy is working on inventories for each boat and making sure that they are in a good condition before we take them on the water. He would be glad of help from any experienced dinghy sailors amongst you to rig the boats and check them out. You can email him at or ring him on 0871441629.

At the full committee meeting last Tuesday we decided on the per calendar year membership fees as below:

Full member €100

Family group €200

Students, Juniors and Associates €60

Non-sailing members €30

*IKSA Kitesurfers and IWA Windsurfers €30

Boat park fees wii be €40/year per boat. We haven’t considered yet discounts for more than one boat – open to discussion.

You are all invited to an information session on Monday next 20th June at 7.30pm in GOSC at which we hope to give you an introduction to the sailing area, the Harbour rules of navigation, Club safety procedures, protocol for launching and sailing from the club and Harbour board areas, some advice on what types of dinghies might become club one-design fleets and suitable equipment, also insurance, and then if we have a boat available some advise on rigging, knots, etc. We hope to be able to answer all your questions.

Please bring along any friends who you think might be interested in joining us at some time.

Then the intention is to start sailing on Thursday June 23rd from 6.30pm (not 7.30 as was on the website) when we hope to have two of the Vanguards ready to take out. Also if you have a boat and have joined the Club (necessary for insurance purposes) you will be welcome to come along. If you are reasonably experienced and would volunteer to take a beginner out it would be very much appreciated.

We also hope to sail on Saturdays – we could decide at Monday’s session when is the best time for most people.

Looking forward to seeing as many as possible of you on Monday – if you can’t make  it please email us to let us know you are still interested and come along on a sailing evening.

Nancy Roe, Chairperson.