Newsletter July 5th 2011

Galway Sailsports Club – Newsletter July 5th. 2011

Hello Everybody, Well we got sailing at last! Last Thursday about ten of us launched a Vanguard, the Lightning 368 and Tim’s Wayfarer from the beach. It was a soft grey evening with a SW wind of F3 to F4 and it was half tide. We wheeled the smaller boats from the GOSC yard and towed the Wayfarer on it’s trailer to the head of the beach. Launching from the beach was surprisingly easy – one or two helpers in wetsuits could hold the boats while the crew got aboard and sorted themselves out. Having made a good note of where the rocks are to W and E of the launching area the boats tacked out easily. Coming ashore it was a case of reaching in with the main powered off and then doing a turn into the wind when in shallow water and the crew jumping off or a helper catching the boat — it all worked well. Martin O’Halloran launched a rib from the slipway and came round to stand off and keep a watchful eye on us sailers. Many thanks Martin! Fionn and Darog were the first away in the Lightning to try it out and then they took turns sailing it singlehanded – they proved to be good sailors. Breandan and John Hendley sailed the Vanguard neatly away and Tim and Nancy took the Wayfarer out with Colm and Dee. It was a lovely sailing breeze and great to be out on the water inside Hare Island. Jack Harty and Johnny Murphy came down later and everybody got a sail in one or more of the boats. On shore Alan and Jake were brewing up hot chocolate, so we may not have had the champagne on hand but there is nothing like hot chocolate after a good sail. Thanks Alan and Jake! Shalome was keeping an eye on us from the shore and helping with fetching the trolleys and pushing up the beach which was quite easy – the beach is very firm as there is compressed peat underlying the sand. All in all a successful launch, and we retired tired to the Harbour hotel for a debriefing over tea and Bailey’s etc. Photos taken by Alan Delahunty at cus73/sets/72157627090367938/ Saturday afternoon was warm and sunny with a F2 – 3 SW; we were only five so we only launched a Vanguard and the Lightning. Ciaran’s ‘apprentices’ brought a small fishing boat round as safety boat – thanks lads! and Fionn and Colm provided some excitement by capsizing the Vanguard. It was righted efficiently and no harm done, but it does show that they are ‘tippy’ boats and should be treated as such. The Lightning again was popular for a spin out to near Hare Island but with just a single sail you need to learn to sail backwards when you miss the tack!! s • On a more official note at the last committee meeting it was decided to enter teams for the Rib Challenge This is for 12 to 16yr olds and will be organised by Ciaran Oliver. Ciaran has the names of members children and will be in touch with an invite and details. They must be paid up members so please get any fees due to Ger Moyles our membership secretary asap.

• An important message from the Harbour Master – DO NOT WALK/CLIMB ON THE BOULDERS FORMING THE SHORE TO THE SOUTH OF THE TRACK to the beach, they are not well anchored and could slip in to the sea with you on them.

• The address of the Club is:

Galway Sailsports Club

Galway Ocean Sports Club

Harbour Enterprise Park