Newsletter July 22nd

Galway Sailsports Club – Newsletter July 22nd. 2011

Hello Everybody,
Yesterday evening was a lovely sailing evening with a gentle wind and the Burren lit up by the evening sun. Tim had the Wayfarer out and Fergal and Tara were sailing their Dart 16, John and Darog took out a Vanguard and Colm sailed his GP14 singlehanded. We are getting used to trailing the boats from the storage area next to the building down to the beach. It is easier than we thought and the access to the beach is quite smooth now that Colm McIntyre has strimmed the grass down and moved some stones. We have put one buoy to mark the one rock hazard on the west side and will shortly put down two buoys on the east side marking the line of rocks there to give a clear passage to and from the beach – this passage is very wide and we have had no problems launching from the beach and returning. The beach is very firm and shelves very gradually making it almost ideal. We also hope to put some marker buoys down in order to make up courses to add interest to the sailing.

We have changed the Saturday sailing time to 11am in the morning and hope that the new time will suit people. Thursday is still 6.30pm for the summer.

We are in discussion with the Harbour Company re the provision of a dinghy park nearer the beach but it will take time as it must be surfaced and securely fenced . Also we hope that the access track will be smoothed out and hopefully surfaced before too long.

Ciaran’s helper’s have done stalwart work turning out with a safety boat for every session. Their boat is not ideal so we need to look to find something like a small rib or a Jeanneau Rigiflex boat for them to use – any ideas?. One of these would need a 10hp – 15hp max engine – anybody know of one to borrow or buy?

We have had a chicken and egg situation in that we need to have members in order to pay the major costs of insurance and rent and to equip the club , but we are not yet in a position to provide sailing for all our members especially the children. The Vanguards are quite lively and powerful and while great for larger people with a bit of experience are not suitable for absolute beginners or children. If you have a boat do resurrect it and join us – we are short of boats and experienced sailers. If you are thinking of getting a boat do look at the website and a list of suitable dinghies for different ages and expectations – give me a day or two to get it up.

Also on the website you will find the membership forms and most importantly our code of conduct – please look at it – all members are obliged to agree with the rules of the club. Looking forward to seeing more of you down at the Galway Ocean Sports Club and on the water.

Nancy Roe. Chairperson.

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