Newsletter October 14th 2012

Newsletter – October 14th 2012

The committee will be meeting next Thursday to review our progress so far and to work on the future development of the club – should we concentrate on adult sailing or children’s sailing? – can we do both?. How can we organize try-sailing sessions for potential new members with a view to encouraging them to join and to purchase their own boats? Which dinghy types should we promote in the club? If we are unsuccessful in our Sports Capital Equipment Grant application how can we fund any purchases of club boats especially for the children.?

We are still working on ideas for the younger children – Optimists? Laser Bug?

If you have suggestions do email me before Thursday and I will put them on the agenda for the committee meeting.

To make a childrens fleet work well it does need the support and enthusiasm of the parents , perhaps those of you with children in the 8-12 range would like to get together to discuss how we can develop a fleet for them. Do contact me (Nancy) and we can arrange a meeting.

Parents of teenagers also could form a group to develop teen fun sailing ? team racing?  In 420’s? or perhaps Topaz more suitable?

Dinghy Park: The new dinghy park close to the beach is finished and in use. If you have paid your boat park fees you are asked to store your boat there. Please note: No empty trailers or unused boats to be stored either there or in the GOSC yard. We were given a generous grant of €1000 from Failte Ireland West which has helped us to pay off a sizeable amount of the €4500 cost of the fencing to the Harbour Company. Many thanks to Failte Ireland West! And we have been awarded another grant of €1000 for the dinghy park from Veolia as nominated by Lorraine McCole  – many thanks Lorraine! and Veolia.

The safety boat and race officer rotas for September to end of November were sent to the relevant people – please make a note of when you are listed and be sure to turn up or arrange a substitute.

Do you want general winter sailing on Saturday afternoons? There are very few people turning up at the moment. Perhaps we should hibernate until the spring?

Anybody wishing to do a powerboat level 2 course or powerboat level 3 (safety boat) course please let me know and we will try to arrange courses this autumn. The more people do it, the more safety boat crews we can call on.

Please be thinking of the need for a new committee to be elected at the AGM in January. I will be resigning as chairperson as per the constitution. The Officers of the club as listed in the constitution are:

Chairperson; Secretary/PR Officer; Meetings Secretary; Treasurer; Membership Secretary; Sailing Officer; Windsurfing Officer; Safety Officer; Children and Youths Officer; Maintenance Officer. Changes to this list can be made at the AGM.

I would suggest that we drop the Windsurfing Officer as we have no windsurfers as yet.

I would ask you all to look at the Duties of Honorary Officers as written in the constitution which can be accessed on the club website under ‘About”.(shortly !). They are not very onerous as it is the whole committee and members that work together, but we do need people to volunteer for these positions.

Good sailing – Nancy

PS. Club Hoodies are available from me for €30 – I usually have them in the van.

Accepting a cheque from Lorraine McCole representing Veolia