Newsletter – March 21st 2012

Galway Sailsports Club


Newsletter March 21st 2012


Hello Everybody,

It’s the equinox! Summer is coming!. We will shortly be starting sailing on Thursday evenings – watch the website for when.We now have six 420s, sharing with the Sea Scouts, and this week should see 5 of them all rigged and ready to sail. (the sixth one came with the wrong sail). They came missing quite a few ropes and shackles etc. but we have fitted them out. This of course cost money  so please, if you haven’t already payed your membership fee for 2012, do so before the end of this month remembering to put your name on the transaction. The Vanguards are also in the process of being upgraded with a new forestay for one, and a mast foot all the way from America courtesy of Jack Harty’s relatives! We should have 4 good ones available to sail.

We will sail the 420s and Vanguards on Saturdays and Thursday evenings, and the Sea Scouts will sail the 420s on Sundays and another evening. Other times will be arranged between us as the need arises. Of course you can sail your own boats at any time but there will be safety boat cover at designated club sessions. Please note you should have your own boat insured for 3rd party liability if you wish to join in club events – try Yachtsman Euromarine, Aquabroker or amongst others.

We are also sorting out the three course buoys which were sponsored by Purcell Marine and these will be in use shortly too – they need ropes and anchors – more money!

Lockers are available in the unit but you need to claim one by writing your name on the label and then getting your own keys cut – suggested Colleran’s locksmith on Small Crane, €4 I’m told – take the lock number.

Talking about safety boat cover: below is a list of people that I think have RIB experience, if you are on the list and would be prepared to do safety boat duty say once a month please let me know asap. Also let me know if you are not on the list and have the relevant experience and would also be willing to volunteer. Many thanks in advance!!


Galway Sailsports Club – List of Competent Safety Boat Drivers


Need to have Powerboat level 2 or good experience driving a RIB and be willing to do Safety Boat duty, say, once a month.


Dee McGrath

Erin Killeen

Nancy Roe

Ciaran Jordan

Fionn Delahunty

Conor Greaney

Eoin O’Toole

Ger Moyles

Colm McIntyre

Michael Fitzsimons

John Fraser

Vincent Jordan

John McCole

Martin Halloran

Ciaran Oliver

Johnny Murphy

Kevin Finn

We will work out a duty roster and also include beach duty which, unless you opt out, all adult members will be asked to help with.


We had three 420s out sailing the previous Saturday and two boats took to the water last Saturday in the first Galway Sailsports Club Paddy’s Day race sailed in variable winds – light SE turned to NW! – won by John McCole and crew Eamonn Murphy. Paraic O’Fatharta and Seamus (Sea Scout) showed how to sail a 420 in light airs against tide and river to reach the slipway unaided. Fionn Delahunty did the OOD and safety boat duties aided by yours truly – shades of things to come.

You should have received a forwarded email from Mark Purcell re. the Volvo week  – do volunteer to help if you can, either on the water or off – it will be great fun.

If you have any ideas for events we could run during that week let us know.


The dinghy park is becoming urgent as you can see from the overcrowded GOSC yard. We are still looking for the loan of a trench bucket, and if you know of a source of abandoned barrier fencing (doesn’t need to be the very secure type) we need some 85m of it. We should be able to find the 36m of secure fencing needed for the road frontage and then will just need to fashion a couple of gates.


Hope to see you this weekend.


Nancy Roe