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Dinghy Sailing On West Coast Of Ireland

Whether you have been sailing for years or haven’t had the chance to get your feet wet yet, nothing beats (in my opinion) getting out on the water on a lovely sunny weekend afternoon. On the West coast of Ireland we can’t always be guaranteed of warm sunny weather, but the great thing about dingy sailing it doesn’t really matter as long we don’t go out in strong Gale Force winds.

Sailing Gear

A wetsuit or a dry-suit and a buoyancy aid is all you need (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, finger-less gloves, cag {rain/wind proof jacket} and booties are optional but recommended), to protect yourself from the elements. Swimming ability isn’t required as you will spend most of the time above water unless the boat capsizes in which case your buoyancy aid keeps you afloat (some even consider capsizing as part of the fun!). A safety boat is on hand at all times to “bail” you out of trouble!

Meet, Socialise & Learn From Experienced Sailors

Sailing is considered an expensive hobby what with the cost of boats, boat maintenance and berthing fees (parking spaces for boats). If you are lucky enough to have your own boat we have a boat park for members. A sailing club allows anyone regardless of their experience to get out on the water without needing to have their own boat, for a very low membership fee, which helps maintain the boats. It also enables you to meet and socialize and learn from more experienced sailors so you can become more confident in your own abilities or learn new skills. All skill levels are welcome. Love being near the water but don’t want to go out on the water, prefer to watch from the comfort of the shore, that is fine by us, we are very glad to have shore people and any capacity you feel you can help out will be appreciated.

Open For Membership: All Welcome

Galway City Sailing Club aims to promote and facilitate the sport of sailing in the community of Galway City and surrounds, with special emphasis on families and youths including the disadvantaged or disabled and those with no previous experience of the sport. Galway City Sailing Club is a new dinghy sailing club based at the Galway Ocean Sports Club in the Galway Harbour Enterprise Park. We are open for membership, all welcome.

Happy Sailing,

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